Advance Health Management “Making living at home possible℠” is a home and community-based services “HCBS” organization designed to specialize in adult home help “AHHS” for Medicaid beneficiaries who require long-term care.
The scope of the work was a full-branding project from top to bottom including strategy, brand identity, logo, and design. There was nothing that did not need to be done. 

The brand identity first had to be established which birthed the logo. Several variations were discovered over a process of 4 weeks until the final dove in white centered inside the red box was chosen.  The color red was chosen based on the industry “healthcare” and was used to create credibility to mirror stronger competitors with larger market shares.

Next was the design and development of the marketing and advertising materials which took from start to print delivery approximately 2-3 weeks. Making sure the right imagery was used to represent the client and the focus of home help services. Communicating the services and resources that were available to patients and potential employees properly was important. The major print piece “ the booklet” needed to tell the story of Advance Health Management. Their unique value propositions needed to be presented in a16 page story which was developed and had to speak to all customer segments to be cost-effective.

Finally, bring all strategy, brand identity, and design together into one website. This process took nearly 4 weeks to design, develop, and build out. We used WordPress platform to create an innovative and captivating website that would speak to their customer segments in a way that caused them to become apart of this amazing healthcare network organizational and as individuals receiving care.  

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